Microsoft VS Google. What is ChatGPT and how has it created competition between corporations?

What is ChatGPT Chatbot? Competition between Microsoft and Google in the field of creating a new intelligent search engine based on AI.
Posted by:Alex Belov Posted on:Feb 13,2023

The company OpenAI, which developed the ChatGPT chatbot, has excited corporations. This technology has made a lot of noise in the high-tech market, and competition between corporations is getting tougher.

What is ChatGPT Chatbot?

ChatGPT is a multi-tasking chat bot that can accurately answer user questions, create unique content, write poetry and complex code. This technology is based on artificial intelligence. Analysts call the chatbot “ChatGPT” a new search engine that has come to replace conventional search engines.

Microsoft believes that the introduction of products based on artificial intelligence will be comparable to the advent of a computer or mobile communications. Therefore, Microsoft is expanding its cooperation with the startup OpenAI, investing another $ 10 billion in it. According to unconfirmed reports, Microsoft plans to receive 75% of the profits of OpenAI as long as it does not recoup its investment in this startup.

Cooperation with startup OpenAI will allow Microsoft to strengthen its position in the competition with Google. Google also plans to increase investment in the creation of a similar technology to keep up with Microsoft.

The advent of the ChatGPT chatbot has called into question the viability of standard search engines. The ChatGPT AI-based chatbot allows users to receive answers to search queries, rather than showing relevant links to websites.

If OpenAI and Microsoft can develop the first AI-based smart search engine, then Google’s share of the search engine market could be significantly reduced. Recall that the share of Google in the market of search engines is 90%.

Recently it became known that other major technology search IT giants are planning to develop and launch their own analogue of “ChatGPT”. Similar plans were voiced by the Chinese search engine Baidu, which plans to integrate a smart bot into its search engine.

Who will win this race? We place bets.

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