Microsoft stocks reach a new high after announcing artificial intelligence subscription

Microsoft stocks reach a new high after announcing artificial intelligence subscription
Posted by:Alex Belov Posted on:Jul 19,2023

Tuesday, July 18, 2023, became a historic day for Microsoft as the company’s stocks reached a new high. The closing price at $359.49 reflected a 4% increase in stock value. This growth was prompted by the company’s announcement of prices for its new artificial intelligence (AI) subscription service.

Microsoft stocks have reached a new record after announcing a new subscription for artificial intelligence. The company expects increased revenue and attracting new customers due to its advanced AI technologies. Analysts predict further growth in Microsoft stocks in the near future, which could lead to catching up with Apple in terms of market capitalization.

The new subscription, Microsoft Copilot, will cost $30 per month and is projected by experts to result in an 83% increase in monthly prices for corporate clients using Microsoft Office 365. As a result, the company expects to generate additional revenue.

Copilot will enhance popular Microsoft Office 365 products such as Word, Excel, and Teams with advanced AI technologies.

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired a 49% stake in OpenAI, the developer of the Chat GPT chatbot, for $10 billion. The company has already integrated AI capabilities into its search engine Bing, and the new launch of Copilot for Office 365 continues this trend.

Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft’s market capitalization has increased by 50%. This impressive growth raises the question: will the company’s stocks continue to rise?

Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that by early 2024, Microsoft’s market capitalization will reach $3 trillion. This represents a 20% growth in less than a year. They anticipate that the technology giant’s stock could rise to $415 by early 2024. Such growth would allow Microsoft to catch up with Apple in terms of market capitalization, as Apple recently crossed the $3 trillion mark.

Thus, everything indicates that Microsoft continues to deliver impressive results, and further growth in the company’s stocks is expected in the near future. Investors and analysts are eagerly watching the company’s further development and its potential in the field of artificial intelligence.

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