Stock Tesla (TSLA) target price for 2023. Is Tesla a Good Stock to Buy in 2022?

Posted by:Alex Belov Posted on:May 12,2022

The latest price target for Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) was released by Wells Fargo analysts on May 12, 2022. The analyst firm has set a target price of $900 expecting (possible upside from current levels is 22.62%). Over the past year, 58 analysts from investment houses and banks have published target prices for Tesla shares. The maximum target price was set by New Street Research analysts at $1,580. The minimum target price is set at $325 from JP Morgan. The average target price is at $965.

Latest price targets from analyst firms:
Wells Fargo = $900
Berenberg = $900
Deutsche Bank = $1250
Oppenheimer = $1291

Average price target for Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock over the next 12 months = $965 

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Price on May 12, 2022 = $734

Stock Consensus Rating = "Buy"

Target prices for stock Tesla (TSLA) over the next 12 months

Lowest Price Target
Average target price
Maximum target price
Forecast dateAnalytical Analyst Target priceGrowth potential in percentConsensus Rating
05/12/2022 Wells Fargo $900+22.62%Equal-Weight
05/10/2022Berenberg$900+22.62% Hold
04/22/2022 Deutsche Bank $1250+70.3%Buy
04/21/2022 Oppenheimer $1291+75.89%Outperform
04/21/2022 Wells Fargo$960+30.79%Equal-Weight
04/21/2022 Citigroup $375-48.91%Sell
04/21/2022JP Morgan $395-46.19%Underweight
04/21/2022RBC Capital$1175+60.08%Sector Perform
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