Xiaomi plans to enter the TOP-5 largest manufacturers of electric vehicles

Posted by:Alex Belov Posted on:Oct 21,2022

The head of the Chinese company Xiaomi Lei Jun said that the company plans to enter the top five largest manufacturers of electric vehicles.

TOP-5 largest manufacturers of electric vehicles for 2022

1. BYD

2. Tesla

3. Volkswagen


5. Geely-Volvo

Xiaomi will have to face many challenges in the fight for the electric car market. Experts believe that it will be difficult for Xiaomi to compete with Tesla, European and Chinese electric car manufacturers. However, the same thing was said when Xiaomi entered the smartphone market. At that time, many experts said that the smartphone market was already divided between the main players and there was no place for Xiaomi. Today, however, Xiaomi is among the top five largest smartphone manufacturers.

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